California Dreamin'

The products in this collection span four textures, united by one conceptual through line: California Dreamin'.

Our first woven jacquard and performance textiles signify a shift in process and materiality. Unlike our traditionally washy gouache paintings whose palettes cannot be reduced to a five-color jacquard or a two-color performance fabric, their textures require new limitations. While within these confines exists an absence of the illustrious, gestural brushwork we are known for, it’s interesting how these limits can artistically set us free from nostalgia (and ego) and invite something new to the table. Isolating color choices with strategic weaving techniques, this new pattern development process produces just as impactful a product, and the result feels as painterly as ever. Part cartoon, part Venetian acid trip, Cloud Blooms inserts an expansive, abstracted digital sky into the boundaries of our trumpet flower. Deco Floral presents a simple binary of warp and weft through color drenched line drawings. This new trio of textiles loves to host parties, but also likes to keep to herself. 

Meanwhile, a classically printed grasscloth and three metallic wallpapers, each beholding original hand-painted artworks, suggest a return to form. Vine and Blooms captures the everyday grit of a towering vine, perpetually delivering beauty and a steadfast climb to the top. The Hills embodies the seduction of coastal living, its windy roads and perched trees create caverns of luxury, taking us to places only otherwise imaginable. We Always Tell Each Other the Truth conceptually conflates the profound devotion between two lovers with the relentless monologue of a Stock Exchange ticker, while Daddy’s Home seduces the viewer like the electric signage of a night club with the subtle weight of contemporary psychology…

Part conceptual art, part dandy irreverence, part decoration with a capital D, each of these products serves up a new signature dish with the same old special sauce.

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