Customization Program

Paper Types + Fabric Weights

We offer all of our patterns on any of our paper types, fabric grounds or leather. 
All customized wallpaper and fabric orders will be priced by the yard by material.


We offer three tiers of pattern-manipulation fees based on scale, color, and artwork manipulation by pattern type (Border/Standard, Chinoiserie, and Scenic). These each carry additional lead times.

Customization orders will be a combination of Pattern Manipulation (if any) and Paper/Fabric Yardage.

Minimums, Strike-Offs, CAD Drawings

Customized wallpaper and fabric order minimum is 5 yards.
Strike-Offs will be billed separately, and carry a lead time of 2 weeks.

We offer CAD drawings with to-scale wallpaper or fabric installation for a fee, additional lead time of 1 week from CAD file delivery.


We accept pattern commissions and bill according to pattern size (Standard, Chinoiserie, and Scenic). 

Please submit all requests to